A message from the Coach!

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Hi everyone.

As we move to more intense preparation for the first game next weekend please be aware of these expectations;
1. Players should wear a club shirt or a predominantly white shirt at training. We should be projecting a more professional image and looking more like cricketers than blokes in the park having a hit.
2. At training try to be active. You should be batting or bowling, having throw downs or doing some fielding. Do not just hang around the nets socializing.
3. Expect to have team fielding training at the end of the batting/bowling nets. Do not just leave.
4. Ensure that you inform your captain if you can’t train on any given night. Make sure that he knows your availability for the coming Saturday on the Tuesday before.
5. Everyone is expected at the clubrooms after training on Thursday. Have a meal, spend time with each other. Teams will be announced and I will go through the new rules for this year. This is important so we expect everyone to be there!

The time to up the ante is now!

Success is a matter of playing your role and taking responsibility. As the saying goes, “If it is to be, it is up to me!”

See you on Tuesday.