Teamsheets this weekend 14/11/09

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Injuries & unavailabilities have decimated the Falcons this week, however we have managed to field three teams.
A Grade vs Walkerville @ Home. Report 12 midday.
Jackson, Kara, Beeper (c), Croft, Way, Glover, Ritchie, Parsons, Nash, Luko, Gates
B Grade vs Concordia away. Report 12 midday.
Sibley (c), Schwartz, Long, O’Dwyer, Rhodes, Faneco, Cummins, Crossley, S. Johnson, Butler. J.Rowswell (12th man)
One Dayers vs Grange @ Home.
Brister, Khoo, Smith, Chook, Kristian, Hoon, Thoas, Kennas, Geoff W, Shilo Wyatt, Johnny Mac. Peter D. (12th man)

Unavailable Players include:
W. Roberts (shoulder)
K. Adcock (Finger)
Pethers (Flu)
Polly (Family)
Moose (wedding)
Sticks (wedding)
Skulls (knee)
Wes (wedding)
B. Rowswell ()
J. Rowswell (Schoolies)
J.Jackson (wedding)
Omo br />
Izzo (wedding)
Finnas (wedding)
Peter D (unknown)
D. Sard (on the nest)

Salvati (ATCA heat policy)
L. Adcock (ATCA heat policy)

Good luck Falcons. Cheerage.