A Grade match report vs AHOS


B1 Fulham 167 def by AHOS 287

The A grade were away to AHOS and unfortunately it resulted in our second straight loss. Batting first on a horrible windy day at a ground known for its sand traps more so than St. Andrews Golf Course our batsmen struggled against some pretty decent bowling. Dave `Kara` Karanicolou and Craig `Spirit` Ritchie got us off to an okay start and looked good at the crease but after we lost our first wicket it became tough to build partnerships. Kara top scored with 32 but there wasn’t many other big contributors, youngster Aaron ` Jack` Faneco looked solid and he and Danny ` Lead Singer` Gates put on a valuable 32 runs for the last wicket to at least give us something to bowl at. We went out for seven overs hoping for a head start for next week but the opposition openers kept us out to be 0/30 despite a few handy overs from Drewsal` Hank,Steve Curtis` Parsons.

The lads had a chat at training about giving it there all when in the field and `The Falcon ©` thinks we did that during what was a tough day. Drewsal battled well early and Rob `Luko` Lukosius got us going with the first two wickets but the opposition where already on their way to our total. Rohan `Sucre` Way then got a couple with his off spinners and during that time saved himself a visit to the cranio facial ward as he had a ball smacked back at his face, he dropped it but probably saved himself a few grand in the mean time. Domenic`Allstar` Croft bowled a wonderful spell without luck, 9 out of 18 balls were Yorkers at one stage and at a tough time to bowl he stood up, Tristan `Rug` Glover then reappeared to the bowling crease after a little while and showed he can still bowl some handy medium pace, with his impressive cheer squad on hand we were all extra glad when he took a few wickets and the ladies on the hill got to celebrate. Richman had a bowl towards the end of the day and also picked up a couple of wickets, with a mixture of spin and heat!

They batted better than us and that’s where we lost the game, the lads tried hard on day 2 and we have one more minor round game to get back to where we were a few games ago, making good 80 over scores and giving our bowlers something to bowl at. The day finished on a good note with a few brews between the teams and skipper Beep had his tyres `hosed` down such was the appreciation.

These blokes haven’t lost the faith, they are still looking at being a major player in coming weeks.

The Falcon