Club Roles


  • Chair committee meetings, AGM or other significant club meetings
  • Coordinate succession planning consultation
  • Order Trophies & Engraving for senior presentation night
  • Lockleys FC Liaison – advise dates when raffles to be executed at Lockleys Hotel (offseason)
  • Run and promote AGM


  • Focal point for all Club business
  • Review committee individual responsibilities
  • Ensure succession planning is conducted as needed- assist in identifying and developing new leaders who can replace old leaders when they leave or retire
  • Active seeking sponsorship


  • Maintain existing sponsors
  • Seek new sponsors
  • Advise Club members of sponsor’s business – encourage use, display on club advertising TV, Junior eDM’s, club website & facebook.
  • Distribute discount cards, sponsor’s literature etc. to members


  • Liaise directly with ATCA including:
  • Ensure all ATCA directives are carried out
  • Liaise with ATCA Executive Officer
  • ATCA Delegate – attend meetings & ATCA AGM
  • Co-ordinate preparation of AGM Report
  • Report outgoing/incoming mail at management meetings
  • Provide Minutes of management meetings
  • Control Club Correspondence:
  • Ensure records of all club business are maintained and as required by the Management Committee
  • Insurance/Risk:
    • Ensure all appropriate insurances are maintained and current
    • Check insurance details to ensure cricket equipment (e.g. Scoreboards) are covered.
    • Coordinate site safety risk assessments as required
    • Player/team insurances – ensure coverage and advise members of their entitlements – liaise with ATCA
    • Ensure Liquor licensing requirements are in place and current
  • Maintenance of My Cricket including clearances
  • Liaise with all club sub-committees
  • Liaise and ensure communication with FCC Life Members and Club Patrons
  • Liaise with the Cricket Operations Coordinator closely
  • Sign all official documents in line with the Associations Act (SA)
  • Keeping club registers up to date
  • Liaise with Local Council & Government on all relevant matters
  • Grants – Research and apply for where applicable (SACA, Govt)


  • Monthly finance report, arrange Auditor, pay accounts, provide invoicing, Bank monies received Member of Executive
  • Receive player subscriptions, Chase up non-payments of subscriptions
  • Organize control of Floats, balance floats, prepare funds & records for banking by Treasurer
  • Provide payment for Umpires to Club Captains
  • Keep Club Seal in a secure place


  • Update honour board
  • Liaise with local District clubs
  • Attend subcommittee meetings as required
  • Manage player registration  & clearances
  • Facilitate team selection meetings
  • Ensure Captains input Umpire Reports into MyCricket for games that have paid Umpires
  • Assist the Junior Coordinator in obtaining grounds for juniors
  • Coordinate game day management for mid-week T20 games
  • Coordinate with curator training/game day pitch preparation
  • Set player standards – behavior, dress, reports, social media policy
  • Counsel players as required in conjunction with the coach
  • Oversee player and coach recruitment


  • Distribute cricket balls to teams
  • Kit – Cordial, 1st Aid and review stock levels
  • Check game day equipment – covers, pegs, scoreboard


  • Order balls for juniors & seniors
  • Arrange collection of score books
  • Review quality of stumps/bails & order as required
  • Playing Kits – Arrange off season storage & check items that may need replacement. Audit at end of season
  • Review stocks of cordials, 1st aid kits, sunscreen etc – order as required


  • Prepare training and playing wickets in all areas
  • Plan pitch/ground replacements – coordinate soil & work
  • Liaise with Fulham United Soccer Club for club hand-over
  • Maintain and service club equipment required for pitch preparation
  • Report any faults / damage to equipment in a timely manner
  • Ensure all equipment is kept in safe and fit for purpose condition
  • Liaise with Council where appropriate for help with upgrades/damage/signage
  • Oversee all of Collins Reserve & club house and advise where improvements are required
  • Mark wickets / inner circle on Saturday/Sunday
  • Security – Hold all master keys, maintain Key Register, locks, passwords etc


  • Chair Junior Committee
  • Attend WSJCA/ATCA junior meetings and implement association policy
  • Manage player recruitment and clearances
  • Coordinate Woolworths cricket programs
  • Manage male and female junior programs on MyCricket
  • Manage collection of junior fees
  • Manage recruitment and training of junior coaches
  • Organise clearances related to working with children
  • Organise bar & catering for training and game day
  • Organise canteen rosters for training and game day
  • Organise and distribute match balls
  • Organise equipment for juniors
  • Organise team photos
  • Order season trophies
  • Fundraising where appropriate
  • Coordinate junior carnivals
  • Obtain ovals for Junior teams in conjunction with Cricket Operations manager


  • Runs Raffle and distributes roster to committee and wider audience
  • Generate/Implement new ideas for raising funds
  • Liaise with Chairman & Treasurer on budget required for investment in events
  • Responsible for Senior Presentation night (prepare & MC- or delegate where appropriate)
  • Past Player relations
  • Arrange functions & games
  • Distribute newsletters as required
  • Provide web site and social media content
  • Event Advertising & Flyers
  • Develop social calendar for year and co-ordinate all events
  • Club photography as required
  • Produce club newsletters and mailing lists
  • Liaise with Communication Coordinator for all content management and design


  • Purchase new stock
  • Review prices of clothing and supplier as required. Recommend to committee if change of supplier is warranted
  • Sell to players and ensure payment is made
  • Audit stock as required
  • Maintain display of available clothing to members
  • T20 Uniform – perform yearly order
  • Provide secure storage
  • Keep records of sales & liaise with treasurer on sales and debts


  • Order/purchase food as required
  • Provide meals/menu as required – Thursday nights & Saturdays [Dozer], Friday nights [Scotty]
  • Prepare players afternoon tea
  • Clean & Maintain kitchen area


  • Maintain stocks & fill fridges as required
  • Operate bar & Till – delegate as required
  • Clean & maintain
  • Lock up/Secure bar & building when closing
  • Responsible for serving patrons (i.e. responsible drinking)
  • Open bar


  • Energy Systems
  • Ice Machines – Bag ice & put in freezer for matches
  • Change Rooms
  • Drinks Trolley
  • Clean & maintain all areas (change rooms, bar, toilets)
  • Repair items of a general handyman expertise
  • Advise committee of items requiring attention


  • Web site Maintenance & information updating
  • Media advertising and event notification