Dear Falcons,



Friday night 4:30 pm canteen roster for 2nd October is for the following families:

  • Robinson, Brendan
  • Bevan, Adam
  • Davisdon, Harry
  • Rawlings, Archie
  • Tilbrook, Samuel
  • Feleppa, Sean

Could the following families be on standby if a family above is not available:

  • Golledge, Dale
  • Molzer, Boston
  • Downie, Finn
  • White, Jackson
  • Hortop, Ky

The season roster is here:



IMPORTANT: The oval for home games may not match MyCricket fixture. This is done to evenly distribute the canteen roster. All teams on canteen duty play on Oval 2.

Home game roster is here:


Sunday 4th

U10 Fulham Red v Phantoms Yellow, 9am, Plympton International School

U10 Fulham Black v North Haven, 9am, Largs North Reserve

U12 Fulham White v Fulham Red, 8:30am, Collins Reserve Oval 2, CANTEEN DUTIES Fulham White

U12 Fulham Black v Port District, 8:30am, Largs Reserve Main Oval

U14 Fulham Red v Port District, 8:30am, E.P. Nazer Reserve Oval 1

U14 Fulham Black v Woodville Rechabites, 8:30am, Collins Reserve Oval 1


Coaches/Managers contact details are here:


Regards John

FCC Junior Coordinator