Yes, this may be slightly old news as many at our club are across it. But I thought It was appropriate to provide a short spiel and rationale behind it. Let me start by saying this wasn’t a quick decision, and a broad section of the playing group and life members were consulted and the committee acted in response to the feedback that was given.

Brands both small and large undergo evolution over time. I call our club a brand, as our brand is one of the strongest in Adelaide Turf. Now a brand isn’t a logo. Or a brand name or product name. In fact, it isn’t any one thing. Our brand is everything. It’s the perception of our club in people’s minds. It’s how people think and feel about who we are as an organisation and how we go about our Cricket.

So as part of our brands evolution this year with a new coach, new skippers, new playing kit and new-found enthusiasm we felt it was the right time to re-design our logo to move it into a more modern and contemporary feel. Taking inspiration from the ‘Falcon’ we had on the playing kit from our last 4 summers, we sought to create a new logo that clearly identifies WHO we are and WHAT we do. Now looking at our current logo (which we’ve had for just over 20 years which has served us very well), you’d be hard pressed to look at it in isolation and understand what exactly it is you’re looking at. It didn’t scream Falcons to the sub committee tasked with this job, or identify the sport we play in, and I say this with the greatest respect for Dave McLeod & Tony Ey, two of our living legends who graced this club and have made a tremendous contribution over the years including the design of this logo. By incorporating the strong Falcon image and the Cricket ball, there can be no confusion as to who we are and what we do. It’s a striking image, much stronger than the previous.

Now this won’t be the last time we ever change the FCC logo, I’m sure it’ll be tinkered with and changed down the track. This is commonplace for all brands around the world. Some of the world’s biggest brands have changed their logo’s over the years. And in most cases the change has been positive for those brands, so why not ours? We really hope you get behind this change. We will be updating our playing kit, livery and signage gradually over the next season. However, all players will be required to be in the new FCC playing shirt for matchdays starting Rd 1 (ex T20) as per the graphic attached. The change in playing top represents a shift to a more classic style Cricket uniform.

Shoutout to Life Member (Coco) for organising the logo design and pushing the envelope internally and externally along with playing kit update.

Any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in contact with myself directly or any of the committee members.



Trip (on behalf of FCC Committee)