Junior Canteen Roster

The following table outlines the Friday night canteen roster for juniors.

Volunteers please arrive for 4:30 start. Please liaise  with Mick Davidson on the day.

Contact John Harriott if unavailable for rostered time slot and nominate another time slot.

Player Date
McKenzie, Tom Completed
Cockrum, Kobe Completed
Thind, Gursanj Completed
Robinson, Brendon Completed
MacKinnon, Liam Completed
Davidson, Harry Completed
Hannett, Tyson Completed
Spanagel, Fin Completed
Robertson, Elliott Completed
Robinson, Lucas Completed
Rayner, William Completed
Gariboli, Aaron Completed
Stephens, Harvey Completed
Robertson, Archie Completed
Burns, Hamish Completed
Starkey, Luke Completed
Thurstans, Darcy Completed
Lamb, Ashton Completed
Bowbridge, Zane Completed
Westley, Hugh Completed
Higgins, Ben Completed
Bevan, Adam Completed
Bullen, Angus Completed
Turner, James Completed
Ramanayaka, Chaamin  
Takata-Furber, Lindsey  
Smyth, Riley  
Frost, Ebon  
Gariboli, Marco Completed
Wenz, Mark Completed
Jeffries, Hugh Completed
Batra, Preet 12-Feb-21
Stecca, Nathan 12-Feb-21
Jeffries, Aston 12-Feb-21
Mickan, Fletcher 12-Feb-21
Robertson, Connor 12-Feb-21
Mickan, Spencer 19-Feb-21
Ryan, Nic 19-Feb-21
Vigar, Brady 19-Feb-21
Black, Louis 19-Feb-21
Hortop, Kye 19-Feb-21
Schimanski, James 26-Feb-21
Rawlings, Jude 26-Feb-21
Tape, Oliver 26-Feb-21
Harris, Luke 26-Feb-21
McGlashan, Andrew 26-Feb-21
Cain, Tim  
Leonard Price, Zac  
Barratt, Levi  
Fielden, Jack  
Kirkland, Tyson  
Higgins, Cameron  
John Harriott  
Carr, Sam