Club Store

The club store has a range of items not available through the normal clothing supplier. CLICK HERE to access the store.

You will need to create a store account to order items. Payment is only possible upon collection of the order from the club.

Club Clothing

Cricket clothing for all club members is to be purchased at Belgravia Sports online store. CLICK HERE to access the store.

The way clothing works is that 8 to 10 weeks before the season begins individuals place an online order with our clothing supplier. We normally have a second online order a few weeks after the first online shop for a limited selection of products as there are minimum order quantity restrictions. The club also purchases a small quantity of playing tops, club polos and caps for late joining members who miss the online shop windows. The club does not purchase extras for all products and sizes as the cost is excessive.

N.B. It is not necessary to opt and pay for home delivery. The club will collect orders.

First Campaign: Open from 30 Jul 2021 to 15 Aug 2021. Delivery week beginning 4 Oct 2021

Second Campaign: Open from 17 Aug 2021 to 29 Aug 2021. Delivery week beginning 18 Oct 2021

When selecting a playing polo ignore the fact the item indicates seniors. Each item should have kids sizes.

Belgravia Sports has a range of match-day, training and casual apparel.

Shirt sizes are specified by Half-Chest and Back Length. To determine shirt size take a favourite-fitting garment, lay it flat, and measure across the front (~1cm below the armpit). Match this measurement to the “half-chest” or “across-chest” measurement for the garment you’re interested in. For pre-shrunk cotton rich garments, allow 1-3% for further shrinkage. For cotton-rich and 100% cotton garments that are not pre-shrunk, allow 5-7% extra in the width for future shrinkage. This is especially important to consider for growing children. To minimise natural shrinkage, follow the care instructions on each garment carefully.