Cricket Blast

Fulham is now taking registrations for Cricket Blast. The program is scheduled to run from October 26 to December 14.

Cricket Blast is the equivalent of the previous program known as Milo Cricket. Cricket Blast is now sponsored by Woolworths.

Cricket Blast offers two programs: Junior Blasters and Master Blasters. Junior Blasters is aimed at kids aged 5-7 with little or no skills. Master Blasters is aimed at kids 7-10 with basic cricket skills.

For more details go to

To register CLICK HERE and select the relevant program.


Registration for U10, U12, U14 and U16 juniors will be held between August 20 and September 2.

All new prospective club members please contact the Junior Coordinator. CLICK HERE to notify intention of registering.

All players must register to be considered for a position at Fulham. The grade offered to a player will depend on squad numbers and previous playing experience with the club.

Fees will be payable upon selection into a junior grade. Returning players will be offered priority selection above new players within the registration window. 

Players who are eligible for a Sports Voucher discount please submit their voucher when paying fees. Sports vouchers are only available to primary school students in 2018. CLICK HERE for a Sports Voucher form. For further information about eligibility refer to the following website:

To register a player CLICK HERE and navigate to the junior comp.

Girls Cricket

Fulham will be looking to field a team in the Girls Strikers League for 2018. For more information about the program CLICK HERE.

Please contact the Junior Coordinator CLICK HERE to notify intention of registering.