Junior News

Dear Falcons,



Congratulations to both U14 teams for reaching the semi-finals. Unfortunately they play each other for a spot in the grand final.

Congratulations to U14 Red finishing minor premiers

Congratulations to Cooper Reschke and Daniel Feleppa for making the SMACA U12 team of the year. Daniel and Cooper were the only two players from WSJCA – well done lads.


Unlikely to go ahead this week with the hot weather forecast. I’ll send an update if the weather gods change their mind.


End of season Trophy Presentations:

To be held at Fulham, 15th March, 4:30pm



As per MyCricket except for the following venue changes:

SEMI-FINAL: U14 Fulham Red v Fulham Black, Collins Rsv #1

U12 White is on Collins Rsv #2, CANTEEN DUTY.

Girls cricket unlikely to go ahead Friday with the hot weather forecast.


Coaches/Managers contact details are here: https://www.fulhamcc.com/committee/


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John Harriott

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