Cricket Blast 

We offer the updated Cricket Blast program for children aged between 5 and 10 years with basic cricket skills. The Cricket Blast program will run in term 4 and again in term 1 of the following school year.  Parents are encouraged to use the government sports voucher during the registration process. Please note, the sports vouchers are for students up to and including Year 9 and can only be used once in a calendar year. 

To register CLICK HERE.  

New Junior Players 

Fulham Cricket Club welcomes new juniors and their families wishing to play at the club.  As part of the pre-registration process, we require any player who did NOT play at Fulham last year to read the New Player Information Sheet and complete and return the Intent to Play Form.  

For new players please do NOT proceed to online registration process until advised a position is available. 

Junior Cricket 

Junior cricket is for players who possess basic cricket skills and are ready for modified/proper cricket games. We offer boys programs across the age groups of U10, U12, U14, U15 and U17 plus girls in U12, U15 and U18. 

For U10, U12, U14 boys and also U12, U15 & U18 girls, the player must be younger than as of September 1st of the year the season commences. E.g. if a player turns 10 after the 1st of September, they are eligible to play U10.  If they turn 10 on or before the 1st of September, they are required to play U12 (unless a permit is granted to play down a grade).  

For U15 boys and U17 boys, the age cut off date is the 1st of May. 

For players who were registered with Fulham last year, please read the Returning Players Information Sheet.  Fees are payable online as part of the registration process via PlayHQ. Returning players will be offered priority selection above new players within the registration window. 

Players who are eligible for a Sports Voucher discount please submit their details when registering online. For further information about eligibility refer to the following website: 

We offer a discount on player registration for our coaches. Those eligible for a coaches discount need to submit a request to the junior coordinators for a discount voucher code to be used during the online registration process.   

Please note, there are capped numbers of players for each team.  Players wishing to play up or down in an age group are required to contact the Junior Committee prior to registering so we can assess if the request can be accommodated. 

Registration help information is available HERE 

Junior Boys 

To register for U10, U12 or U14 boys CLICK HERE and select the correct age group when prompted for fees. 

To register for U15 and U17 boys CLICK HERE and select the correct age group when prompted for fees. 

Junior Girls 

Grades available are U12, U15 and U18’s. 

To register for junior girls’ competition via PlayHQ CLICK HERE  


Senior registration is also through the PlayHQ platform. All players are required to personally register before they can play a game. The registration process includes payment of a Cricket Australia fee (which covers player insurance) and a club fee. All players are required to pay the Cricket Australia fee. The club fees are for a non-concessional and concessional membership (full time student or unemployed). Club fees and terms of payment are listed on PlayHQ. 

Registration help information is available HERE  

To register CLICK HERE